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                 Reproduction blades of the 1800's

Gary Kelley
17485 SW Pheasant Lane
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Friends and axe junkies,
Due to health reasons (recent heart valve replacement and cancer surgery) I am no longer taking orders. Instead I’ve change my web site
to show items I’ve completed for immediate sale.
Being technophobic, I want to do business in an “old school” way. If you see something you are interested in PLEASE CALL ME, OR EMAIL.
I’ll give you more information about that item and reserve it for you if you want it.

You can pay by personal check, or click the yellow box to use PayPal and any Credit Card.

Thanks for looking.      

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#1 Bag Hawk Ax 5160 Steel, Hickory Handle, 7.3 Ounces $50

#2 Kelly Style Bag Axe, D2 Steel, Horsehide Cover, 1 pound 2 oz, $250

#3 Competition Throwing Axe, Hickory Handle, 5160 Steel, 18 oz, $95


#4 Nessmuk Hunter's Bag Ax S5 Steel, Hickory Handle, 17 Ounces $270





#5 Exact replica from Sears Woodcraft book, D2 Steel,  Hickory Handle,  Horsehide Mask, $425



#6 Throwing Hawk, Camp Axe, 5160 Steel,  15" Hickory Handle, Branded w Horse shoe Rasp, Horsehide Cover, $110


#7 Childs' rubber toy Tommahawk, Alder Handle, $14.95




Nessmuk Bag Axe

Nessmuk Hunter's Bag Axe

Nessmuk Bag Axe


Harry's Nessmuck Axe

Josh's Nessmuck Axe

Prototype Bag Axe


Nessmuk Bag Axe Wrapped Handle

Nessmuk Bag Axe

Dan's Nessmuk Bag Axe


Cod's Nessmuk Axe

Elugene's 2011 Hunter Axe

Nessmuk Axe Wrapped Handle


Nessmuhunter with 5200 Steel

Kelley's Nessmuk Horsehide Sheath

Hawk Design


Medium Size Throwing Axe

Competition Throwing Hawk

Large Kelley Competition Hawk 


Red Hawk and Sheath

Competition Throwing Hawk

Francisca, Frankish Throwing Axe


Francisco Throwing Axe

Bob's Competition Hawk

Competition Throwing Hawk


Medium Size Throwing Axe


Drop Hunter

Forged Guardlar

Drop Point Long Hunter


Drop Point Rifleman's Knive

Large ferroulithic (ferrolithic) ceremonial spear point.

Stonepoint Ferrolithic