Color Jay & Mary's house online before real paint.


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Porch = dark green
Trim = dark



Original Needs an Update


Scheme 1

Walls=emerald green
Porch = black
Garage, light yellow
Trim, golden yellow
Gutter, golden yellow

You Ask For It.  See inside -- click here
 Scheme 2

Walls=dark green
Porch = black
Garage, gray
Trim, white
Gutter, black


Nice Look w/ New Roof




 Scheme 3

Walls= green
Porch = black
Garage, yel
Trim, white
Gutter, white
Roof, original


Unconnected Look - white??
Scheme 4

Walls= blue
Porch = black
Garage, yel
Trim, white
Gutter, white



Roof Doesn't Fit Blue...; And, it's Green/Yellow Inside



Scheme 5

Walls= dk green
Porch = black
Garage, yel or white
Trim, dk yel
Gutter, dk yel


Remember, Greens & Yellows Come in All Flavors.
Put Some on Your House. Then, call 503-686-5096

Colors establish mood and tell who lives inside, unique or somewhat like yesterday. Accented doors tend to show uniqueness, and common colors elevate a uniform look. Doors and trim describe the mood and often who lives within. 

Exterior Examples
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