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All colors are affected by light and your
computer monitor
What you see here will vary somewhat. But,
the combinations should give you a first order choice of colors for your house.
house group #2

chip sets


How to Choose Colors

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Some Exterior Paint Combinations
house group #1

key: primary color-trim-shutters-door-roof






dark grey-white-black-black-black

103 light grey-white-grn door




104 light br/dk green-white-black dr

105 light grey-white-red

106 light grey/dk grey-white-dr

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Consider the color combination with your roof, other materials such as brick, your yard decor & trees, and your neighborhood. Shall you paint the garage doors too or leave them white?

Colors are many and descriptions are complex. Begin here and choose a color combination. But, before you paint, do a color trial on your house. Small quantities are available at your local paint shop. Look at the results in bright light and in shade. Wood, lighting, and a lot of other factors will make your house look and feel unique. When repainting, an undercoat may be necessary. It can effect the final color.


Choose a chip combination and assign the colors to siding, trim, and door taking into consideration the roof and yard color compliments. The front door tells on who is inside - red, green, blue, black, etc. There are many shades of red, etc. They say that green is for hunters, e.g., "hunter green." Who knows?