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All colors are affected by light and your
computer monitor
What you see here will vary somewhat. But,
the combinations should give you a first order choice of colors for your house.
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How to Choose Colors

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Some Exterior Paint Combinations
house group #2

key: primary color-trim-shutters-door-roof


light green-green-none-dr

No.113 cream-red-no shutter-grn dr -red roof

No.114 very light gn-white-none-dk gr door

No.115 pink-tan-none-dkdoor

No.116 orange-white-none-dr

No.117 lightblue-white-grn-white dr

front: yard & roof effects

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A good reason to "Paint On-line" is to see what happens when you modify your yard. Bark dust color changes everything, it seems. Shall you paint the fence, stain it, or leave it natural? Uncoated, it will turn dark in time.

Viewing colors, even color chips, is strongly dependent upon light. Your hair will be green in a Kodak image taken under shop lights. Dentists use blue bulbs to keep your teeth looking white in their chair. Your computer has true RGB colors, but your printer may alter colors. Sheen makes a big difference too. (Some flat panel monitors are dim and render colors in strange ways.)


Choose a chip combination and assign the colors to siding, trim, and door taking into consideration the roof and yard color compliments. The front door tells on who is inside - red, green, blue, black, etc. There are many shades of red, etc. They say that green is for hunters, e.g., "hunter green." Who knows?