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Frequently Asked Questions - Painting

1.  How do I get an estimate?

  It's a good idea to know what you want to accomplish. Then, call for a FREE estimate and all the details of how to accomplish your desires can be determined. An experienced contractor will visit the work place, listen to your desires, and give you a written bid for your consideration.

3.  Do I need to move my furniture before you arrive?

  No, you do not need to move your furniture before we arrive. We are experienced in protecting your valuable furniture, rugs, and carpets during the painting process. It is requested that you remove your curtains, portraits, pictures, and valuables before we arrive.

4.  How long will it be before we can occupy the room after you are done?

  Dry time to touch is 4-6 hours. It is recommended that you protect newly painted surfaces for 24 hours. After that, you may hang your pictures and curtains. Go GREEN and avoid the smelly paint! Sleep tonight!

5.  Our new carpets are going in today. How do you protect them?

  That's a very good question. It is always best to delay installing carpets where possible, especially on staircases. However, we are experienced in protecting your carpets with proper coverings.

6.  Does your service provide color choices or must I hire a decorator?

  Many of our customers ask this question. First, we are painters. With our experience, we are able to share our observations regarding popular choices, typical color co-ordinations, and color chips for your convenience in choosing colors. A professional decorator is recommended in many cases. We can provide a FREE professional interior decorator with an accepted bid to paint -- interior or exterior..

7.  Our neighborhood has a lot of new colors. Can you help with the color choices so that we "fit" the neighborhood outdoor schemes?

  Yes, we provide a professional service to show you an image of your house (click here) with several color combinations. This service is available for interior rooms also. Please, browse our color gallery of houses to see color choices now present in your area. Remember, color choices are personal and can be just as you wish.

8.  Our new siding has nail heads exposed. What should I do?

  Most nails contain iron and are subject to rust. But, some are made of stainless steel which contains iron. Check with a magnet to see if they attract the magnet. If the nails are magnetic, they contain iron. Typically, paint is sufficient for protection. If your house is on the coast, I prefer to caulk each nail to protect them. Call me and I will show you how to proceed. If your house is on the coast, call me now!



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